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Code of Conduct


HFC/ASC players, parents, coaches and volunteers agree to respect and exhibit good sportsmanship toward teammates, game officials, opposing players, coaches and parents at all times. Players, parents, coaches and volunteers agree to honor the commitment to represent their team, the club and the sport with respect. Poor sportsmanship and behavior detrimental to the club and/or team are grounds for dismissal from HFC teams, HFC sidelines, HFC practices and HFC sanctioned events. Players, parents, coaches and volunteers understand that behavior and conduct during travel, tournaments, training, banquets, team meals, etc. are all considered part of team activity/sanctioned events and accept responsibility for their actions during those times. Alcohol, illegal drugs and unauthorized prescription drugs shall not be possessed, consumed or distributed before, during or after any game or at any other time at the field or game complex. It is understood that each HFC coach signs a GSSL coaches code of conduct prior to the start of each season and as such is responsible for parents and players in this regard.

Team Commitment

By joining this club and accepting a position on a particular team both participant and family are making a commitment to the team and as such will make every effort to attend all training sessions, league games, tournaments and team obligations. If there are family or school obligations that interfere with team commitments then it is the player and/or parent who is responsible for notifying the coach and/or team manager before such conflict occurs and with as much notification as possible particularly for league games and tournaments. Players can demonstrate their commitment to the team by showing good sportmanship, being on time to all training sessions/games and overall preparedness.


Severe Weather Guidelines


  1. Training sessions and games are played in most any weather however if there is standing water on the field or the threat of severe weather (thunderstorms) then postponement or cancellation will most likely occur. HFC/ASC does not control when a field becomes officially closed. We are at the mercy of the Amherst Recreation Department. If they close the fields then we can not practice or play games.

  2. Team Managers will endeavor to contact parents via email as soon as possible on training days if practice is canceled. Parents should regularly check the club website and their email if weather is questionable. Please call your Team Manager or Coach FIRST if you are uncertain, or weather conditions degrade just prior to practice time.

  3. In the event of thunder and lightning, HFC/ASC coaches will immediately clear players from the fields and seek shelter. If a shelter is not nearby, then players should be moved to the safety of cars. Coaches will wait 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning before resuming training.

  4. If your child is playing in the Granite State Soccer league HFC/ASC recommends that you sign up for their field cancellation textIf any field is closed you are notified immediately.

Parents:  If the weather degrades severely during a training session, please make arrangements to pick up your player as soon as possible.

Clothing recommendation: wear dri-fit training tops, fleece, or breathable rain gear, not classic rain slickers which get very hot as they do not breathe.

Payment Policy


Full payment must be made prior to the start of the season in order to participate in   the ASC program. A player may not participate in any club practices or games until the registration fee is paid in full unless they have made arrangements with the HFC/ASC Treasurer or HFC/ASC BODs.


Scholarship Requests – HFC/ASC does offer full or partial scholarships to help defray the costs to those families who otherwise may not be able to participate in our soccer club. We have limited funds available so those families who are in need are encouraged to reach out the the board as soon as possible before the start of each season. These scholarships (typically reduced fees) are granted on a first come basis and are based on:

  • Financial need
  • Player and family commitment to HFC/ASC including whether or not soccer is their primary sport for that season


Payment Plans – If a family is unable to make one payment by the due date then payment plans may also be arranged in advance. Please email Lisa Davidson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.


Unpaid Fees – Any player with dues that are past due (over 30 days), has not reached out to HFC/ASC Treasurer for payment plan or has not asked for a scholarship will not be allowed to participate in any HFC/ASC sanctioned events until such time as the payment is made in full.   HFC/ASC sanctioned event will include games, training sessions, and tournaments.

Refund Policy


HFC/ASC will refund fee only for the following circumstances:

  • Player moves away from HFC/ASC geographic area
  • Player becomes injured and is unable to play soccer for a substantial portion of the season. Medical statement from Doctor may be required
  • If HFC/ASC is unable to provide a team at that player’s age level










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