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Committed to youth, families, and community, the Amherst Soccer Club’s purpose is to advance the sport of soccer by providing an innovative infrastructure dedicated to helping build self confidence, individual responsibility, good sense of teamwork, and discipline while allowing young athletes to develop their individual skills to an appropriate competitive level. Creating a fun, solid culturally enriched foundation for every youth interested in playing soccer is paramount to our mission. The Amherst Soccer Club is committed to developing youth soccer players in the area by offering programs for players of all competitive levels. Through a coordinated and comprehensive plan, the ASC develops players from ages 3 through 18 and older. Our club believes that the best approach to player development is to group players by like skill and commitment. We strive to make decisions in the best interest of the individual players to further their mastery of the game. Our player development begins with our Tots program, a micro-soccer program designed to introduce young children to the game of soccer in an un-intimidating and fun atmosphere. This is an introductory program designed primarily to spark their interest. The curriculum is developed by the director of coaching and implemented using the older players in the club as coaches. Both the older players and the children love it. The next stage in our development program is our Early Development Program (EDP) program where we work with 6-10 year old players looking for a transition from Tots. These players meet three times per week. We spend time (years) building the necessary technical skills that allow our players to play and enjoy the game. We believe that the game is the best teacher so we focus significant amounts of time on playing small sided games in age appropriate sized fields. We create the ideal environment without significant travel (more time playing) for our players to develop the foundation. As players mature physically, technically and emotionally we begin the transition to the larger field format of 6v6 and 8v8. 6v6 and 8v8 offers all the elements of the large game but at a scale that allows young players to develop their soccer skills. This size is ideal for teaching soccer. We begin to identify players who show commitment, desire and skill to play at the higher level. This is critical in determining which path they take at the next level and allows us to feed our older programs with competitive players from the local area. As the players reach a stage in which they possess a strong technical foundation along with the desire and commitment they will have the opportunity to be placed in the appropriate environment to continue their development. We offer three levels of competitive play at the older age groups: the Upper Club includes two levels of travel soccer - ASC Division 2 Travel (competitive) and ASC Division 1 Travel (highly competitive), and the Hampshire Football Club (Premiere). All levels are offered locally so players are not forced to seek competitive alternatives elsewhere. The placement decision is based upon the player's capability as well as commitment level. Our goal it to provide players 11 years old and older an appropriate environment closer to home.

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